Guides and Vehicles

At Lango Africa, we believe and understand that your safari experience in Tanzania can only be as exciting and fun owing to the safari guide who accompanies you throughout your trip. With our local, professional guides and our travel experts on the ground, you can look forward to a great safari experience in Tanzania—a lifetime experience.

All of our tour guides are certified by reputable Tanzanian colleges and have worked in the tourism industry for at least ten years. They will always ensure that every detail on your itinerary is met and that you are well informed about every location you will be visiting, including the geographical and cultural make-up of the location, and will take the responsibility to take good care of you, whether you are touring alone or in a group.

About guides and vehicles

The Team

Our guides will work to engage tour participants by interpreting what they encounter during their safari with insight and fun. By revealing ordinarily unseen connections and distinct perspectives, they are trained to welcome our clients to celebrate the spectacular wonders of nature in our beautiful country. 

These incredible individuals don’t just make friends; they are extremely friendly, always willing to share their knowledge of the flora, fauna, cultures, and customs of the places you visit and answer any questions you may have. They make it possible for you to disconnect from the busy world and immerse yourself in your new surroundings. While traveling together around any of Tanzania’s safari circuits, including the Northern Circuit, Southern Circuit, Eastern Circuit, and Western Circuit, your guide will share their personal and professional experiences and knowledge with you.

You can’t wait to meet with one of our guides!

Our safari vehicles

We provide you with a great opportunity to not only observe the natural world around you but also to become a part of it by providing you with specially outfitted 4-wheel drive stretched Land Cruisers that allow for maximum flexibility, comfort, and wildlife viewing, enabling you to take in every detail that makes up a great safari experience. 

They are meticulously designed with you in mind, with a convertible pop-up roof for sightseeing and photography, giving you a 360-degree view and allowing you to view wildlife from the comfort of your passenger seat with the fewest imposed constraints and in the most open and raw configuration possible.

Other important features on your safari bus

  • No mileage restrictions, you’ll travel where wildlife leads – no matter what.
  • You are guaranteed a seat beside a window and comfortable leg space on the isle.
  • Power socket outlet to charge your devices such as phone and cameras.
  • A small refrigerator for your cold drinks.
  • Enough luggage space for each passenger.
  • Each passenger seat under the pop-up roof with the exception of the seat next to the driver’s.
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